Lavender liquid soap


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Description: As we all know, regular hand-washing is critical to protect from germs, bacteria and viruses.  This liquid soap (3 in 1) can be used to wash your body, your hair and as a hand soap.  It also helps to soothe psoriasis and very dry skin.  Moreover, it will leave your hair very soft in addition to nourish your scalp.

Concerning the product “Foaming hand Soap”, it comes out puffy and lathery without any work on your part at all.  Foaming soap is actually better in many ways than regular liquid soap.  This makes it more economical and means that foaming soap lasts longer.  This foaming hand soap contains water, organic liquid soap, a moisturizing oil and lavender essential oil for a homenade soap.  Moisturizing hand soap that leaves hands feeling smooth and soft.  Retains skin’s natural moisture and make a great kitchen hand soap.

Size/Weight: About 525 ml.  For foaming soap: 250ml and 100ml
Ingredients: Palm and coco oil, purified water, essence of lavender
Utilization: For 3 in 1, use to wash your body, your hair and as a hand soap.  For foaming hand soap, use to wash your hand



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