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Description: Lavender sachets or wool dryer balls to use in dryer to get a light lavender scent on clothes, towels, in your wardrobe and linen closets.
Dimensions/Poids: Sachets: 2 3/4 X 4 1/4
Ingrédients: Sachets: Made with 100 % cotton muslin, natural fiber, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil.

Balls: made with 100% wool

Utilisation: Put your clothes in dryer, insert your three (3) lavender sachets or 3 balls and start the dryer.

Use dried lavender sachets or balls in place of dryer sheets when drying laundry.  The heat of the dryer will release the essential oils, (you have to add lavender essential oil on balls) adding a light lavender scent to clothes or towels.  These natural sachets will last for 9 to 10 loads before losing their scent.  Gently squeeze sachets before re-using to refresh until the scent has faded.  Wool dryer balls will typically last for somewhere between 400-500 loads of use.

When the sachet or balls no longer emits an odor, you could add a drop of lavender essential oil on it before putting it in the dryer allowing to keep scent emitted through the sachet or balls.

You can also use these beautiful sachets in the drawers to have a light scent of lavender.



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