Lavender bag “Bindles”


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Description: Our lavender bags are handcrafted in small batches with great attention to detail to ensure the finest quality. The fabrics we use are also selected with great care in order to offer the highest quality product to our consumers.

We have a collection of differents styles and shapes of Lavender bags in which we have inserted a sachet of pure lavender flowers. The styles shown here will be available until we run out of a specific fabric.

(The many benefits from our sachets can vary depending on what use you make from them.)

Size/Weight: Various sizes
Ingredients: Dried lavender flowers
  • Put it next to your pillow to help relax, get a better sleep, drive away acarid and bed bugs from your respiratory system
  • In your drawers, closets to bring a pleasant smell to and to avoid mites in your clothing
  • In your luggage (always leave it there) to avoid bringing unwanted insects in your luggage and in your home


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